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July 19, 2018

Rosé + Rattles | The Brunch Club


Rosé + Rattles is a fun and sophisticated blog written by a couple moms who know style, good food, tips and trends in the parenting world and love to have fun.

When they approached me to shoot their Brunch Club inspiration at the new and hip Nordstroms lunch spot, Bazille at the UTC in La Jolla I was excited to be part of the team! Not only did they highlight the amazing food but they showcased some of Anna Beck’s beautiful jewelry, Ali and Jay’s newest summer dresses and had the most pretty tabletop bouquets designed by isari flower studio.

The ladies dined, laughed, spoke about upcoming projects and most importantly sipped rosé. Unconnected with no cell phones, no kids and no worries for just the 2 hours they set aside to Brunch together and enjoy each others friendships. 

Below are the highlights showcasing a beautiful brunch put on by friends to inspire each other and the people around them.  



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